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Change Is the New Challenge

6 Week Challenge - Starts 29th of October

With the year coming to a close we have one more Challenge for you!!

Do something for yourself and commit to be fit for 6 weeks and notice the change. With proven results and lives changed we strive to help you achieve your goals. 

We guarantee if you follow our program you will be feeling amazing and looking looking great! 

Click on the pachage that suits you and join the R U Fit family.

6 Week Challenge 

* Unlimited groups sessions 

* Pair of wraps 

* Pre and post body composition assessment 

* Ongoing health and fitness support 

Upgraded 6 Week Challenge 

* Unlimited groups sessions 

* Pair of wraps 

* R U Fit Singlet 

* Pre and post fitness assessment 

* Pre and post body composition assessment 

* Ongoing health and fitness support 

For our members we also offer a package that will help keep you motivated coming into the last couple months of the year. Ask Jez about this great deal! 

Knowledgeable Training Expertise

With over 10 years experience and proven success, we personally tailor each session to meet your needs.

You won't have experienced our training anywhere else.... we develop all  our own training sessions. Regardless of age, fitness level or personal ability we will tailor the session to suit you.

We have the facilities to analyzing your body and create a personalised, realistic fitness plan that will help you reach your goal and establish a healthy lifestyle.

We use a combination of healthy eating and  balanced exercise, to ensure the best results for you. 

We  work closely with you to keep you on track and motivated and we don't make promises we can't keep.

Exercising will never be the same again, once you've experienced R U Fit. 

We are no ordinary gym, we are EXTRAORDINARY!!!


Myzone Facility

R U Fit is a MyZone facility.

MyZone is an effective training tool that will keep you motivated and allows us to push you to your limits.  You can see the effort you are putting in each time.

This award winning wearable Heart Rate and Tracking device is the most accurate and versatile available.

Its' easy to read heart rate zones ensures you get the right training effort EVERY time.

It's an effective and reliable way to record your progress and keep you motivated with your daily training program. You can use it to challenge your friends and stay in touch from afar.

I love that I can sync it with my Garmin watch and get a range of individualised feedback after each training session.

 Drop into R U Fit, message or call us to find out more and take your training to the next level. 

To purchase your very own My Zone follow the below link and use the code RUFAU001 to receive a $70 discount (make sure you are on the Australian page)

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