• Winter Workout

    Winter Workout

    It’s at this time of year that we hear the catch cry, “Oh I’ve lost my Mojo”, or “it’s too cold in the mornings, “It’ s so hard to get out of bed this time of year”…Well this time of year comes around every 12 months and it’s the best time of year to get back on top of your fitness regime. It’s a perfect way to warm the body up naturally and keep you warm all day. It’s a great way to ward off those extra kilos that tend to creep on over the cooler months. It’s the time to start getting fit and preparing for summer and it will definitely help to fight off those winter blues. Just do it, pack your gym gear tonight, get up bleary eyed tomorrow and get to the 6am circuit. You will feel better, we promise. If you miss the early morning session there is the 9.15am after school drop off or 5.30 & 6.00 in the evening. Don’t beat yourself up any longer. Make the change. See you soon!

    Believe it, Achieve it! longer.

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