• Winter Team Competition

    Winter Team Competition

    Each team consists of 3 members. This could be a group of friends, gym buddies or work colleagues.

    Myzone MEPS, weight loss and measurements will be added together to give you a team score.

    Each week we will add the MEPs and weight loss to your team score, which will be displayed on a team leader board. (Personal names will be kept private)
    At the end of the competition the measurements will be retaken and these will also be added to the team score, giving each team a grand total.

    The highest score wins

    There will be a one off entry fee of $20 per person.

    At the end of the competition when all the scores have been calculated the team with the highest score is declared the winner… .and takes home the prize pool.

    This is a great way to stay motivated over the cooler months and also a good time to introduce a friend or someone who has wanted to come to RU Fit and not had the confidence. The team spirit will help each team member stay motivated not only at the gym but also increasing their activity at home and outside the gym environment.

    The more people we have involved the bigger the prize pool.

    Competition starts Monday June 15th and will finish August 28th We will take the measurements on the Thursday 11th & Friday 12th June, just let us know what time suits you.

    You need to complete a registration form and book your team in prior to June 10th.

    Good luck

    Achieve it, believe it

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