As you may have seen on the TV series Biggest Loser, one of the trainers took his team to his favourite training destination which was a boxing workout.

This is a fantastic way to loose weight and build strength in both mind and body.
The most important part is not to feel intimidated by the word boxing as you will not be punched or kicked in any way.
Boxing and kick boxing is a fantastic calorie burner and great muscle toner, and also really good for your hand-eye coordination.
The secret to achieving results through any form of training is consistency and commitment to your sessions and the frequency you train.
We have designed our circuit timetable to cater for both a busy working schedule and the general house mum getting the kids off to school, so there are plenty of times to train and achieve your goals.

We look forward to seeing you soon at our circuits and help you punch and kick off the kilograms on your way to a healthier lifestyle.
Boxing Circuit/ Group Training Timetable

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